How to get here

Recommendations for the journey by train

For those travelling by train, the following train stations are useful destinations: Zittau and Löbau (both in Germany) and Zgorzelec for travellers coming from Poland. From Prague it is best to go to Liberec (in the Czech Republic) by bus and then continue to Zittau by train.

In the region, you can use our shuttle service. It runs from Kunstbauerkino Großhennersdorf via Kulturfabrik Meda Mittelherwigsdorf to Kronenkino Zittau and back. From Löbau you can reach Großhennersdorf during the day by public transport with bus 10 (bus stop "Großhennersdorf Kulturhaus, Herrnhut").

Timetables and tickets can be found here:

Deutsche Bahn:
Regional Transport Oberlausitz:
Czech railway:
Polish railway:


From May 15. to 18. we offer all festival visitors a minibus shuttle.

Tour: Kunstbauerkino Großhennersdorf – Kulturfabrik Meda Mittelherwigsdorf – Kronenkino Zittau and back

Departures from Großhennersdorf:
15:30, 18:30, 21:30, 24:00

Departures from Zittau:
15:30, 18:30, 21:30, 24:00

Fee: 2,00 €

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