All film screenings (except for Extras)

Film screenings in Germany: Normal 8 € / Discounted 5 €
Discounted ticket prices for students, trainees (Azubis), retirees, handicapped persons, as well as for guests from Poland and the Czech Republic upon presentation of valid ID showing status.

Film screenings in the Czech Republic: 120 Kč
Film screenings in Poland: 18 zł



3-Screening Ticket
Three film screenings for €20
Available at all ticket counters

All events for €80
Available at all ticket counters (non-transferable)

Student Ticket
All film screenings for €20. Only valid with a valid student or Azubi ID (non-transferable)
Available at all ticket counters (non-transferable)

To the Festival with ZVON

All festival guests travelling to the Neisse Film Festival via public transportation gain admission to any film screening for the discounted rate of €5!